Hotel investments

Feasibility analysis

It is a starting point to know:
  • What is the supply of the hotel investment area?
  • What hotel product stands the greatest chance for success on the market in a given location?
  • What will economic parameters of the planned investments look like?
  • What marketing strategy the hotel should adopt?
  • How the goals are going to be achieved?
The standard and the scope of analysis allow taking a strategic decision on starting the investment process.


  • We design hotel investments financing models tailored to individual needs.
  • We prepare investment offers, business plans, schedules and other documentation; we represent investors in the process of capital raising.


Our architectural and functional projects combine the latest world trends in hotel design, individual characteristics of a location, investor’s expectations and high efficiency of every square meter.
Examples of project realization

Project management

We play a role of a hotel subsidiary operator.
  • We organize and realize a flow of activities related to the hotel operational opening and its commercialization, according to our detailed schedule, so-called MASTER PLAN.

Structure management

  • We manage the hotel in the operational and post-opening phases.
  • We offer services of permanent management (hotel operator).
  • We search for an operator or lessor of the hotel.

The success of our Customers is a measure of our success
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